The Henry Brown Centre

The Main Hall

Our hall is perfect for any occasion. Natural light streams in from the high windows. The hall has plenty of room for activities and party space. There is a serving hatch from the kitchen to make dealing with providing food and drink easy. The high ceiling means there is space for sport and for leisure – have a kick about or take advantage of the height for your bouncy castles!

The Club Room

Our club room is the perfect area for a meeting place or a small gathering. With a fully functioning kitchen, ample comfortable seating, and a wall of natural light. The café also has a surround sound music and PA system to make your party or event come to life!

The Quiet Room

Our quiet room can easily be closed off from the main club room and has access via its own entrance. There are large sofas providing comfortable seating so it is perfect for relaxed meetings!

The Front Lawn

The Front Lawn is a grassed area that is surrounded by fencing and accessible via a gate. Perfect for activities in the sunshine with the added safety and security of being able to be contained!

The Club Room and Quiet Room

Combining the café and quiet room areas provides space for comfort and for business. You can choose to recline in the comfort of the sofas or sit at a table to get down to business!

The Whole Centre

Hire out the whole centre for large events, big family gathering or to run multiple events simultaneously. Take advantage of the variety of spaces we offer!

The Kitchen

The fully functioning kitchen makes organising hot or cold food a breeze. The serving hatch is situated in the main hall making it easy to serve your guests!

To inquire about hiring our facilities then please book here or contact us on the information below.